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梅村佳希/Yoshiki Umemura

梅村佳希 / Yoshiki Umemura

1990年 デザインスタジオ「Studio Woo」 設立。名古屋生まれ 明治大学商学部卒
1990 Established design studio "Studio Woo". Born in Nagoya, graduated from Meiji University's Commerce Department
As the designer is not an artist, it is not a stance of "Someone like my works and buy it". However, it is not all case passive. Again "feature" exists individually. Also, I believe that if "features" does not exist, it is not a designer.
I'd be happy if you can see this HP's design taste and Project List and like it a bit.
When I do the design work, I will communicate with the client and understand what the client wants and realizing the design I created. I believe that such work is pleasing to the client, so that I can produce results that satisfy them.

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  • 名古屋市千種区徳川山町 6-2-26 #C801
    #801, 6-2-26, Tokugawayama-cho, Chikusa-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan